Big plans, little ovary

Ovaries are kind of small. I mean, they’re not miniscule, but they are not a big ol’ organ. They sit nice and quietly, and then each month they take turns revealing their beautiful Egg Of The Month. Unlike the Testes (is that where sperm are produced? I don’t know, I have enough to worry about with my own lady business), who spew out millions and millions of sperms with no care to quality or appearance, the ovary chooses just one lead little egg to be nourished and released when ready. And I am in no way knocking sperm, it’s just that half of them either have two heads, swim in circles, have mini tails, or are just lazy asses.  

  Anyway, that describes what is “supposed” to happen with the ovary. That is not my scenario, so I get to pump mine up like Hans and Frans to get lots of eggs at a time. Which brings me back around to the beginning – ovaries are not that big. When you ovulate normally, you know that you can sometimes feel it. It can hurt, or just cramp, or make you bloated, or just really pissed. (or, in my case, really, really happy.) So, now, picture your little ovary with 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or more eggs growing on it. IT FEELS LIKE ALIENS ARE TRYING TO BUILD A COLONY INSIDE OF YOU. You know when you go to Ikea and they have that model 560 square foot house? And it’s REALLY full? There you go. So, now you are walking around town with a whole population of eggs on your ovaries, and you feel it. I am uncomfortable, yet so happy & excited. Unless I get pissed – then I go from Bloated & Happy to Bloated & Unhappy.  



Why, hello there!


Piss Off!!!


 HeeHee. But seriously, it is pretty cool. Below are some pictures of ovaries, normal and stimmed: (pulled from online)

This is your ovary

This is your ovary on drugs

   See? So I am really full. I think the folks at work think something might be wrong with me. Lately I think I have started walking like House without his cane. I pee constantly because my bladder is caught between growing continents. I eat real fast and then make a little moaning noise because it feels like my food can’t find my stomach. I also smile a lot. I am excited and hopeful, and have big plans for these little eggs.                                             





2 responses to this post.

  1. Ugh, the bloat. It gets better though. Those are some good looking follies! : ) Best of luck for your cycle!


  2. Posted by thecrazycatwoman on June 9, 2010 at 2:21 am

    Ironically his is probably the only time in your life that you can justify glutony by saying “I’m eating for ten”, but sadly your bloating makes it a struggle to eat for one.


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