Crossing the Divide

John Mayer was right: My body is a wonderland!

Having a scan done today, my wonderful doctor (that is not sarcasm, he is actually wonderful) tells me that I have “Kissing Ovaries.” My first thought was that he was trying to make me smile while I wriggled on the table to the tune of my organs were being smashed, but then I detected the calm and serious nature of his expression. Then he told me what it means – get this, are you ready – they are so full of eggs and swollen that THEY ARE TOUCHING! If you are a boy this might not mean much to you because all your junk just clambers around as it will, but ladies’ ovaries do not touch. Not ever. One is in New York and the other in San Francisco, so they don’t even know one another. It really hit me about mid-day, while feeling like Shamu after a feeding; I thanked myself for wearing a long shirt so I could unbutton my pants at my desk in secret. Holy Crap! It dawned on me – they have crossed the divide!

This brings up a whole host of questions that, I would guess, anyone would be asking themselves. Medical questions, personal questions… realize that you feel you are so ready to welcome a new little person into your family, that something pretty damn uncomfortable hasn’t really been that bad. If I had to take a medicine that might make my insides swell inside of me just because it was something blasé, like an antibiotic or an antacid, I would be kind of bummed. I would probably mutter complaints under my breath and throw a fit in the morning getting dressed because my stomach looked like Kate Gosselin before she delivered a small nation. But, for this, it wasn’t that way. It was kind of exciting. Not that I am down on bended knee hoping to do it again, but it makes me think about our minds and how perception is everything. I think it is important when going through fertility treatments to try and focus on what are bodies can do,  not what we think they can’t.  Maybe this is how we cross the divide. After all, I never knew my ovaries could kiss…and yet, they do.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Julia on May 5, 2013 at 3:09 pm

    Hi there! I just found out my ovaries are atacbed under my uterus. What did they do for you? They are talking about retrieval through my uterus. Yikes


    • Hi Julia,

      Yikes, so sorry to hear! I actually did not have mine attached under the uterus, rather they were EXTREMELY swollen! Is it something that you were born with? Don’t worry – they’ll figure out a way to get those eggs! 🙂 Best of luck to you!


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