Cryopreservation – The Final Frontier

Today was transfer day. The day that they put one or more embryos back into the uterus. This day feels special for IVF couples because it is the day that you are possibly welcoming your new baby into your family. But we knew in the back of our minds, due to my OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome), that we might have to postpone. And we did. And it was sad.

My doctor told me that, with the enlargement of my ovaries and the amount of free fluid squirming around my pelvis region (which is just TMI, I know) that he could pretty much guarantee a long and possibly dangerous hospital stay should I become pregnant. When he mentioned patients who needed to be drained or intubated, we had pretty much resigned ourselves. I do not want to begin a pregnancy on life support, because if I am put in a ward like I was last week I might pull my own plug. Of course I teared up when I realized today was not The Day, but apparently this is not uncommon and we can move forward in a month or so when things have cleared up. But….. I saw pictures of the blastocysts! And I’m not getting all weird, I know they are not little humans yet, but we have 6 to 9 really pretty blastocysts hanging around. If you are not familiar with what a blastocyst is, you used to be one, so I shall explain.

A Blastocyst is a fertilized egg about 5 days after the fertilization. The cells have divided and other things have happened that will allow it to implant into the uterus once it is released from the fallopian tube. (Or in my case, the scary long catheter.) I know that is not very scientific, but Wikipedia called it a “parasite” before it rambled into something that would bore you and make you stop reading my blog. And we can’t have that.

So, we had to have our little bundles of hopes and dreams frozen. As in cyropreserved. Very Deep Space Nine, very Austin Powers talking about all things “quasi-futuristic.” And there is a little Russian Roulette involved in that, because they do not all make it out of thaw. It also makes me wonder if my kids will have a natural predisposition towards things like the Polar Bear Club, ice hockey, snow cones, the Ice Capades or igloos. But mostly it just makes me feel like I was forced to decrease my chances just a bit this round. I still feel in my heart one of those blastocysts will one day be waking me up at 3:47 am, but sometimes patience sucks. Even though patience and I have had to become BFFs.

So, I am curious to know what other folks do when you want to pamper yourself and tend to your wounds for the day. I still had to stay home from work in recovery, and I nursed mine by laying on my tookus all day and catching up on two seasons of Weeds I have missed. Watching the story of a woman whose 14 year old son has orgies and delivers fatal blows to folks with a croquet mallet of some sort made my issues look real, real small. Still, my mom is out of the country and I can’t call her, so I did not have the motherly words of comfort I so desired. I turned to slothlike laziness and emotional eating.

Now tomorrow, as a result from the nasty OHSS, I will return to work looking like I have a fat baby in my belly without having a baby in my belly and I am just going to have to deal.

Hope you guys are ready to learn about Frozen Embryo Transfer in the weeks to come…..


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  1. Posted by Roccie on June 2, 2010 at 3:20 am

    Ugh. I hate the postponement of The Day.

    I had no idea that would happen. I thought being overstimulated just meant you were very sick, but business as usual. Everything I know about OHSS I know from you!

    All is well. FET is easier than a full cycle. Hang in there my friend.


  2. Ugh! Not the worst thing though. I have read lots of FET success stories and some women swear FET is the only way it would work for them because they were in so much pain and discomfort from retrieval. I’m hoping this is for me! I am tentitively transferring two frozen embies on or around the 21st of June! Here’s to both of us having frostie babies!


  3. Thank you so much for the good wishes on my blog, first off. I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs and going nuts waiting for the call. AARRGGHH!!! Ok, anyway… I went through the same thing you are going through first time we did IVF. Total OHSS and same situation as you. We froze and I recovered. There is nothing worse than getting ready for that transfer and going in and realizing that you are in no shape for that. The good thing about it is you get to give your body a rest and a break to prep for FET. That is SOOOO much easier than the IVF cycle. I looked 7-8 months preggo when I hyperstimmed, too. I just let it hang out since we had tickets to a comedy show two days later. There I was, big belly just hanging out..taking easy steps. It was amazing how people would get out of my way. LoL. Ugh, the irony. Anywhoo, keep your chin up. It sounds like you have some amazing looking frosties ready for transfer when you feel better!! That is awesome!!! Oh, and I have found that awful reality shows like Bridezillas always takes my mind off bad news somehow. Don’t ask…I have not the answer. : ) Take it easy and get some rest.


  4. Posted by Kathy Bridges on June 4, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    Hi Sarah!
    I am hooked on your blog. Kate sent it to me this morning. Life is really funny about how you two are going through this at the same time. This whole process is just amazing and I hope you will be carrying your little 3:00am screamer soon. I am really trying to not go overboard about being a Grammy again. Having the world’s two best Granddaughters makes that kind of hard.i send you nurturing vibs and hope I will get the chance to give you a big hug in person.
    Grammy Kathy


  5. Posted by seekingsibling on June 27, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    Sorry about the OHSS! I hope your FET goes well. I pamper myself by not moving, watching bad TV while playing on my computer, and eating total crap. I’m on bedrest after my FET and miraculously lost 2lbs (reaching my goal weight!) on this “regimen!” Woot!


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