YoGabbaGabba and other oddities

 Is the picture on Monday the 1st supposed to be a condom? Ew.

Image courtesy of none other than..Marie Claire!








 This is dedication. If men had the babies and had to grasp what a chart like this really means, there would be no people.   








If you think Overhyper Stimulation sounded scary, check this out:


Holy crap!:



4 responses to this post.

  1. I love penguins. I find the fathers role in the whole process something to be proud of.


    now I want to go to the zoo. or watch happy feet.


    Ashlee, ICLW #180


  2. Adorable!!!!


  3. Yeah, seriously…there is some HEAVY duty smoking going on over there at Yo Gabba Gabba…there’s this one very creepy song…Try it, You’ll like it….it’s supposed to be about food, but I think it’s more about the wacky weed, if you know what I mean!!!

    Lori ICLW 105


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